Spore Token

Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 Token

Safety, Elegance and Performance

The Spore Token uses only audited contracts provided by OpenZeppelin with no third party libraries implications, it's backed and paired with BNB cryptocurrency and can be traded on Pancakeswap Protocol.

Meet Our Founder

Spore Token

We have our own BEP-20 token, written in Solidity, which is the native languague of The Ethereum Smart Contracts.


Platform in which everyone can upload and certify files, those files are encrypted and stored into a private Geth node in the cloud, providing trust among parties; It also enables local payment gateways (Webpay), purchasing with fiat the tokens needed to upload the files.

Copihue Stablecoin

Copihue is meant to be the first Chilean pegged stablecoin cryptocurrency, it was proposed on the ETHOnline Hackathon on September 2020, it's still under development and built on top of Ethereum.

Farming Module

Spore Farming Module, designed to distribute rewards among stakers in a decentralized way, utilizing Pancakeswap Liquidity Tokens from various pairs to stake and get rewarded.

This module is working in Binance Smart Chain Mainet, it's based on many EIPs and it's the only way to increase the circulating supply of the token.


Spore NFT Module, pretends to implement benefits on yield and provide access to premium services in our ecosystem.

This module is working in Binance Smart Chain Mainet, and it's based on the IERC1155 standard of Ethereum.

Unlocker Plus

This is our most recent project, it consists of a Wordpress plugin in which anyone could monetize their content, enabling micro transactions along with Metamask to unlock private material or areas within the users websites.

Product site and social media channels aren't available yet, MVP to come.

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Community Team

Américo Muñoz
Social Media Team



Ingeniero Carlos Baeza Negroni: "Copihue es una stablecoin, anclada al valor del peso chileno"

Interview of our founder to Cointelegraph in regard of the Copihue Financial Stablecoin project.

Inspirada en DAI, la stablecoin Copihue podría tener paridad con el peso de Chile

Interview of our founder to Criptonoticias in regard of the Copihue Financial Stablecoin project.